Simply Fit Personal Training Studio is about 1 thing; Fitness Made Simple!  

Our goal for you is to achieve the level of health you were always intended to have.  This simple concept is done by great nutrition- treating your organs & body the way they were always meant to be treated- and providing fun challenging exercise programs customized just for you your unique needs & requirements.  

We believe in you and we want to facilitate health & wellness to become your every day life style habits.

 Let’s do this at Simply Fit!! Great trainers, happy studio energy, & you! 



Come in to our friendly, clean welcoming studio for a FREE Consultation. There are no monthly fees, no memberships, no contracts. Simply Fit is a private gym that proudly offers true 1-on-1 personal training in a friendly and supportive setting. We focus on the importance of proper form and technique while creating an individualized program built around your tolerances, preferences, and specific goals. Weight management, flexibility, mobility, balance, body building, or strength gains....we can show you how to get it done!



One on One Training, One on One Stretch Therapy, Duo Trainings,  and Small Group Training.

All Training  Sessions are in a semi private setting to help you reach your goals in a safe and comfortable setting. The facility is set up with your comfort and your body’s care in mind.

Also available are Saturday Bootcamps. These workouts are geared toward a full body training. They incorporate Stretching, Core, Cardio & Strength Training.