Tom's Story

My wife and I started our training program in February 2016.  We had recently moved to the area, because of health issues related to altitude.  We are retired military and at one point had been in excellent shape, unfortunately as we aged so did our fitness schedule.
  When I started my program, I was bascially interested in losing some weight and getting to "feel better".  I had been diabetic for about 5 years and was told I could improve my health by losing weight and start exercising.  We really wanted to "get off the couch"!
  Although I have lost only about five pounds, my greatest achievement has been able to reverse my diabetes.  My fasting blood sugars were around 150 when I started, I have realized dropping blood sugars since starting the program.  My last visit to my health care provider she declared me diabetes free.  This is very extraordinary, and I attribute this reversal strictly due to in main part to my exercise program.  Minor changes in my eating habits have helped also.
  My advice to new clients would be to look at your training program as a long term commitment to improve your health condition.  Believe me, it can work!  Combine your personal contribution along with the facilities and trainers here and you can surprise yourself.  You should consider taking part in the group stretch sessions being offered on Saturday mornings.
  I like the location, scheduling flexibility, and especially the encouragement the trainers have provided during my physical activitiy  here.  
                                                                                 Tom P., client since 2016